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The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow!

Welcome to Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas, Temple of the Machete who wins all battles!

I am Papa Machete Que Gana Las Batallas (who wins all battles) spiritual father of the temple. Our temple’s patreon will chronicle our spiritual work, as well as introduce an authentic and powerful lineage of Vodou. This spiritual temple has existed for over twenty years but did not formally manifest until my crowning (receiving priesthood) within Puerto-Rican Vodou, a grand dream held by both myself and my first Godfather, Houngan Steve (R.I.P).

Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas is comprised of three main branches:

1. Puerto Rican Vodou- 7 chief Loa (mysteries), and 21 commissions of spirits, under God.
2. Congo- Palo Mayombe for which I am Tata Engando and soon to receive Osain.
3. Spiritism- Alan Kardec and Creole Espiritismo.

Within Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas are three main focuses:

1. Spiritual- Religious observances and magical religious practices.
2. Psychic- Astral projection, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance-clairaudience, etc.
3. Physical- Strength training and martial arts.

At Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas we openly:

1. Praise Papa Bon Dios or God.
2. Remember and venerate our Ancestors.
3. Honor the Loa, our primary spirit guide, and the 21 commissions of spirits.
4. Offer light and progress to the dead.
5. Adhere to the virtues of Hope, Faith, and Charity.

The Shed of Rebellion patreon makes available the happenings at Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas to individuals who are, as of yet, unable to be physically present at the temple.

1. Monthly blessings for health, wealth, prosperity and protection.
2. Workings for all members.
3. Physical training routines and programs.
4. Spiritual and psychic development protocols.
5. Rare and unique occult knowledge.
6. Hypnosis and self-empowerment.
7. Initiation opportunities.
8. The building of a physical community where we will meet and grow.
9. Access to Shed of Rebellion’s astral fortress and spiritual guardians including venerated dead.

And more…

We know every hero and heroine have dragons to slay. The Shed of Rebellion is about confronting universal evil. Our ultimate destination is wherever it is stated, “here be dragons.” We are the resistance nobody is ready for and the revolution nobody will see coming.


Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

“The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow.”



Kevin Wikse or Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudu and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular.

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