3/13/19 Linda Moulton Howe: Black Pyramids & Sphinx.


On her 3/13/19 LIVE YouTube Broadcast of Earthfiles, Linda Moulton Howe dropped either a curious admission or made a profound connection when she said something the effect of black pyramids underground and white pyramids above ground. That somehow these structures might interact to produce copious amounts of energy. In the auspicious series of events which followed, again I was asked by my contact group, to once more e-mail Linda Moulton Howe in respects to her either admission or connection regarding Black and White pyramids. However, the night of her LIVE YouTube broadcast I had my own epiphany in respects to Linda’s words. I mention both in my now open e-mail (letter) to Linda Moulton Howe I sent on 3/15/19. Please know that I know how incredibly busy Linda is. I am in no way expectant for her to reply to this or anything e-mail I send her. I make these e-mails public because of the potentially valuable information (to somebody) they may contain.

Dear Linda Moulton Howe,

In your last LIVE YouTube Earthfiles broadcast, you asked if anyone had information regarding the Black and White pyramids to please contact you. I am affiliated with a group who have connections to what a colleague of your’s, Nick Redfern, termed the Collins Elite. This collective is comprised of former government remote viewers, scientists, and members of armed forces with links to Boeing, Area-51, Lockheed-Martin, Wright Patterson airfield, White Sands Missile Base, and Los Alamos.

I was recruited by this collective in part due to a blog post I made in 2017. I remote-viewed and described the Oumuamua asteroid for precisely what it is/was: an alien probe disguised as an asteroid. It is demonstratable that I was likely the first remote viewer to publically make this claim.

Unlike other occult or paranormal researchers, I began my unique education at a very young age (I promise this has relevance to the subject). Because of my level of competency and insight with Ceremonial Magic, and the notoriety of my spiritual Godfather (within the circles that mattered), I was invited to attend and later join genuinely elite magical orders of Southern California.

When I say genuinely elite magical orders; I mean being picked up, taken for full day spa treatments, and having brand new clothes fitted for me before being dropped off at 20-30 million dollar estates. These estates had private access to secluded groves or beaches where all manner of occult rituals were secretly held. Paid priestess and priestesses lived on site to conduct ceremonies daily. I was offered an apprenticeship into an exceedingly lucrative position of the priesthood to the elite. However, I learned the rumors of unwilling human sacrifice, ritual Adrenochrome harvesting, and pedophilia among these people and at these places are unquestionably true. I turned down their proposals and took actions to protect myself from them.

Among those I encountered during these days is an individual named Michael Aquino, former Lt.Colonel, handler of Anton LeVay, and founder of the Temple of Set, as well as head of the Psychological Warfare dept during Vietnam, and in many ways, the driving force behind the MK-Ultra. I was instructed by my spiritual Godfather to, whenever possible, be within ear-shot of Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino, like all psychopaths, is prone to bragging about the atrocities he committed (through carefully worded statements) I heard things both startling and informative (Michael Aquino is directly linked to the kidnapping of Johny Gosch).

Michael Aquino, who founded the order of the Knights of the Black Trapezoid (a trapezoid being the base of a pyramid minus its cap-stone so a black trapezoid would be the base for a black pyramid), an occultic para-military order made up of primarily ex-military special forces, who served to defend the “Black Flame”. The Black Flame I overheard Michael once say, burned within the Black Sphinx. Like a seed, his statement lay planted within my conscious for many, many years, but it was not until you, Linda, made either the admission or the connection between Black pyramids underground and White pyramids above the ground, that it sprouted and bore fruit.

Linda, I have spent the past 24-hours scouring the internet. What I am suggesting to you has NEVER been posted nor do I believe been conceived of by anyone other than a handful of extremely high-level occultists. Even within this elite handful, I would guess the majority of them understand this secret only having a spiritual level, but probably not a physical dimension. I however do.

Among the even the most base mid-level occultist, it is well known the Tarot serves as far more than just a medium of fortune telling. Tarot Cards serve as a key or cipher to both unlock and decode the most abstract and complex mysteries concerning the human mind, the human condition, and human history.

Linda, consider the Chariot card. It’s placement within the Tarot, and the Qabbalic Tree of Life (on which the Tarot was formed) means that it stands as one of the five most profound mysteries. The Chariot in Western Occultism refers to a fence, a home, or enclosure (it is ruled by Astrological Cancer). The Chariot moves between all dimensions and realities, times and locations, but it, itself, does not move. It is fixed. Like the Herbaric occult mystery of the Merkaba technique, on which the Tarot Chariot is based, (a practice to view God upon his throne), the Chariot achieves this feat by employing a great rotation against an equally powerful counter-rotation.

I believe a case can be made that the Nazi Bell or Die Glocken is or was a Chariot, built according to ancient Vedic/Ayran manuscripts detailing the secrets now contained within the Chariot card. Linda, look at the Rider-Waite Chariot card, and you will see a chariot flanked by two large wheels. The Chariot is in a constant state of non-motion, motion. The driver’s face is fixed and focused. He directs and steers the chariot, but does not drive it. And what lay in front of both the wheels? Why a White Sphinx and a Black Sphinx. Of the Chariot, it is said the two Sphinx pull in opposite directions but face the same way. Meaning the wheels turn in the opposite directions, counter-rotational, but still, the Chariot arrives where it needs to go.

Of the Chariot’s most profound mysteries, never before spoken of or put in print, outside of a specific Magical Order, the two Sphinx are understood to be resting and purring (reminds me Fluffy and Chocolate), meaning they emit opposite but complementary vibrations while inert. Sound moves faster than light. Ancient people knew this as it was Hermes, the Greek God of Messages and Language who was the fastest among those Gods, not Apollo, the Greek God of Light, a mystery realization which does not happen if “magic” and science is not seen as the same (It’s Hermetic science AND occultism for a reason) I can find no mention of that particular mystery realization online or in a book other than my own.

Riding the sound (i.e., being pulled by the two Sphinx) enabled the Chariot to arrive at a dimension before the limitation or restriction of the light, constructing the illusion of an enclosure. Darkness ALWAYS encapsulates light. The Chariot’s vast mystery, bridging the Planetary influences of Mars of Saturn, Saturn is the limitation of Time and Space BECAUSE it is darkness, the Mother of Darkness or the Sea of Black. The starry canopy above the Chariot driver illustrates this, dark space defining the brilliant stars.

It is the interplay of White and Black, Dark and Light, etc. which are the counter-rotational forces that paradoxically propel the Chariot, giving access to the Above and the Below, but remain anchored to our specific place within Time and Space. Being in one place is also being in ALL areas simultaneously (An act of God, made possible through God).

If there are white pyramids and a white sphynx above ground, with mounting evidence of black pyramids below ground, then I believe there is a black sphinx, probably also underground. Through remote viewing, I have seen that specific white pyramids are linked with precise black pyramids. Their counter-rotation frequencies play off each other and produce a hum which powers both. This, I believe, is the mysterious humming or engine sound reported by Spartan 1 and 2. Through remote viewing, I can barely make out a black sphinx. It is highly elusive and protected by a thick shield of obstructing energy. It is still vibrating but kept (on purpose) just out of step somehow from the white sphinx. The two sphynx are being prevented from interacting as they once did. In turn the I believe this affects the ability of white and black pyramids to resonate with one another as powerfully as they once did.

Linda, I want to refocus your attention back to the Rider-Waite Chariot card. There is an emblem or crest on the Chariot which displays a winged solar disc, and directly underneath it a dreidel, or Jewish spinning top. Like the prayer wheels in Tibet, dreidels typical have Jewish letters on them. When spun the dreidel is said to “speak” those letters. This further strengthens my belief that the Chariot is about counter-rotation and the use of sound/harmonics. The Wheel of Ezekiel said to be a wheel within a wheel or wheels, surrounded by four-faced heavenly messengers, a Bull, an Eagle, a Man, and a Lion.

The Wheel of Ezekiel is detailed by the Tarot’s wheel of Fortune. In magical Kaballic prayer, it is said: “Screech like an Eagle, Speak as a Man, Roar ( as a lion) and Bellow (as a bull).” The four-faced messengers, maybe have been just sounds, specific frequencies which teleported Ezikeil to the stars… or wherever he went.

Linda, when you have time, please ask Spartan 1 and 2 if the symbols on the skirting worn by the Chariot driver (of the Rider-Waite Tarot) match the hieroglyphic symbols seen on the black pyramids.

I will make thee last points.

The Merkabah is two pyramids, one white and one black, creating a 10-pointed star which forms a star-chamber around the practitioner. The white pyramid in rotated clockwise while the black pyramid is spun in counter-clockwise or counter-rotational by first commanding them and then visualizing the spins (God SAID let there be light, so sound BEFORE light, sound faster than light. The world must be spoken into existence before light can shine upon it, allowing it to be seen). Two intercepting triangles make the 6-pointed star of David which is also representative of a wheel, or the wheel of the Chariot, which I believe is Ezekiel’s wheel. These wheels, or parts of wheels in their pyramid form, are pulled by the Sphynx. Thereby the Sphynx directs the power of the pyramids. The Black Sphynx being somehow blocked from its communication with the White Sphynx, for whatever reason, prevents the full integration of the black and white pyramids.

Interesting that the 6-pointed star in Kabbalah (which again is the basis for the Tarot) is the Sun, and holds the position of Tipareth, #6, or planetary Sol. Curious that two pyramids, white and black, are needed to make whole a wheel. On the emblem of the Chariot, we see a winged solar disk above a dreidel but nothing directly underneath the dreidel. Above the white pyramids, which are above ground, is the sun we see every day. The Sun puts out more electromagnetic energy than anything else we know, but as with every pole, there must be a negative and positive (its science). Is it any wonder why the symbol for the Black Sun appears on the black pyramids? I believe the black pyramids are attuned to the black sun.

Is the Black Flame, defended by the Knights of the Black Trapezoid, which resides in the Black Sphynx, as Michael Aquino mentioned, the Black Sun? Is the Black Flame at least some spark or piece of the Black Sun?

Lastly, the Chariot card at a deeper level is linked to the Garden of Eden. A divine enclosure which contained Adam and Eve, protecting them from the dangers of the world within a controlled environment or biosphere. The Anunnaki, possible creators of humankind, might have used Antartica as this Garden of Eden. I believe they (Annunaki) may have caused a pole shift after they left. Closing off the Garden of Eden from Adam and Eve as well as their descendants, hiding it under a mile of ice. I believe, and I have remote viewed, that by 2030 Annunaki will return (my collective strongly agrees) at the tail end of a Solar minimum, which would protect their planetoid sized ship from of our Sun. I believe the pyramids under the ice, are warming up to begin terraforming Antartica back into the Garden of Eden in time for their return. Maybe they return after an upcoming pole shift after and its corresponding climate-shift. It could be that the Black Sphynx may come back online shortly to aid in this massive terraforming project but just hasn’t yet.

Linda, I truly believe I am on to something with this and that it is worth some investigation.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin Wikse

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