My heel crushes the throat of the Tempel Ov Blood…

Tempel ov Blood recruitment propaganda

For a few years now my associates and I have been quietly infiltrating and subverting the Tempel ov Blood, or T.O.B., by means information gathering, and making contacts, but also through psychic investigation, remote viewing, distraction, and misdirection. The T.O.B. rank and file consisted of mentally, and morally deficient human garbage who serve as prime examples of the missed opportunity for justifiable abortions.

These mouth breathing miscreants whose creation looked less of sperm meets egg and more like runny dog shit congeals in the gutter, were extorted and intellectually manhandled by even more reprehensible villains, who just so happened to be of slightly better genetic stock (not exactly a high standard) than those they bullied.

The T.O.B. claims, and I believe them, to have been the American branch of the Order of Nine Angles, or O.N.A. O.N.A is a collective of nihilistic twats, desiring a Satanic world order, who will be re-made into “Nocturlians,” an advanced predatory species, whose D.N.A. becomes spliced with intergalactic vampire-grey aliens (no…really that is what they believe). They will have free reign over the chattel, meaning anyone who does not become the living embodiment of a psychopathic parasite via harsh alchemical transformation. Once this transmutation occurs, the Nocturlians will feed off and rule the chattel while worshiping un-dead Gods in a new dark eon.


Now I know, your saying, “Kevin, none of that is true,” but, and sadly, I assure you it is. Here it is in their own words from their site. (as of this moment the site is still up).

“The Tempel ov Blood exists as a Nexion to the Dark Gods as well as a guidance and filtration system for aspiring Noctulians. For those seeking a harsh alchemical change into the Transcendental Predator based on a synthesis of Sinister Hebdomantry and Vampirism…Our Calcination, Separation, and final Coagulation will create a New Being capable of bringing about the “Day of Wrath” spoken of in the Diabolus Chant. Hail the New Aeon! Agios Athanatos!”

Just who do these assholes think they are? Rothschilds? Saxe-Coburg and Gotha? At least our current elite worshipers of dark and ghoulish alien gods have the class and pedigree to conduct their child ritual sacrifice, molestation and cannibalism on the grounds multi-million dollar mansions. O.N.A and in tandem T.O.B., are like cockroaches, infest trailer parks and projects funded by government housing authorities.

Both O.N.A and the T.O.B. exhibit tell-tale and extremely dangerous marks of intelligence agency handlings.

David “Jihad” Myatt

Meet David Myatt. David, under the name Anton Long, is an agent for MI-6, British intelligence. He created O.N.A. in a, somewhat successful, attempt to merge Satanism with Neo-Nazism so that he could recruit violent moronic patsies to commit acts of terror which would benefit political agendas, but can be blamed on “devil worshiping skinheads” painted as political opposition. David is presently seeking to merge Islamic extremists with violent white skinheads. David Myatt has publicly converted to Islam. I wish him the best.

T.O.B. being the American branch of O.N.A. there no reason not to assume the C.I.A is, in some way, handling the dismally idiotic sacks of pathetic shit who resonate with the deplorable goals of the T.O.B., and for all the same reasons as MI-6 controls O.N.A.

BEAST BARRACKS ( the long-running Word Press blog of T.O.B. has now been taken down for violation of terms of service.

Considering the T.O.B. used BEAST BARRACKS to call for:
1. Open satanic terrorism.
2. Massing shootings.
3. Rape.
4. Kidnap.
5. Human trafficking.
6. Slavery.
7. Snuff films.
8. Murder.
9.Pedophilia (the book “Iron Gates” is about the systematic rape, sexual torture, U.K. Ultra Mind control and paramilitary conditioning of a 13-year-old girl, all in graphic detail).

Consider this; if T.O.B. were an Islamic terrorist group, the blog would have been shut-down immediately. So how was it a band of 1990s women’s correctional facility botched abortions could run a website publically calling for and inciting crimes against humanity? Simple, someone with clout was protecting them.

T.O.B. was a new Hand of Death Cult or H.O.D.C. H.O.D.C. directed by Michael Aquino, operated as a mobile paramilitary training camp in the Florida Everglades. Using the Satanic current in the 1980s (branded Satanic Panic by the media to distract away from its legitimacy ), Michael Aquino recruited a “throw away” army of serial killers and disposable deviants. A low rent version of Murder Inc. Michael trained them, drilled them, and loosely organized them for “missions” involving domestic terrorism, assassination and human trafficking for both political and financial gain. Ever wonder how sickos like Ottis Toole, Henry Lee Lucas, Jeffery Dahmer, and Ted Bundy all just happened to be in Florida around the same time?

From the moral and intellectual base of pro-pedophilia and snuff-film O.N.A and T.O.B. comes a crop of utter asinine snot-stain ass-clowns whom all profess connections to T.O.B. Satanic/Luciferian doctrines:

1. E.A Koetting, real name Matthew Laurence, a meth addict and tranny who turn tricks in Salt Lake City, authored essays for the T.O.B. under the name Drill Sergeant 333.
2. Michael W. Ford, outed fraud and now openly admits to his fuckery.

also, a few other lesser known half-sacks not worth mentioning.

Matthew Laurence-EA Koetting Mugshot

Both E.A Koetting and Michael W. Ford claim to have left the T.O.B. (but at one point aligned with the T.O.B’s pro-pedophile agenda…remember that), however, I find this particular passage on the Tempel ov Blood website troubling:

“Second, the infiltration and manipulation of organizations and forms with Sinister potential. Aryanism, particularly the more religiously fanatical forms of it, such as Christian Identity are a good example. The manipulating Noctulian is to use these forms for their own Presencing of the Dark, as well as changing in subtle ways the followers of such forms to following a more Sinister direction. For example, in Identity, using knowledge of the Biblical doctrines and prophecies encourage war, hardship, and system disruption using the scriptures as guidance and proof of the message you are sending to adherents of the said form. Any form with a transhuman, system disruption, or satanic direction to it may be of use here. The key is finding a form that in itself is an aid to the Dialect and empowering it further, causing a saturation of Acasual Energy.

Third, disruption of Magian organizations. Whether overtly occult forms, such as Judeo-Christian churches, Wicca covens, pseudo-satanic temples, or more physical “down to earth” forms such as Magian political groups and government. These need to be infiltrated and disrupted via both magical means (the ways of which are detailed in a ms not available to the public) as well as in more physical and practical ways.”

I would not call the average Reddit or YouTube occultist educated, intuitive, or overly aware. E. A Koetting and Michael W. Ford, could easily publicly denounce T.O.B. but still inwardly support and pursue T.O.B.’s stated agenda of infiltration. Regarding E.A. Koetting, I believe this to be the case. I believe he serves as a financial front man for T.O.B. If there is a link, it will be found and should it be found, well…actions have reactions. Financial contribution to satanically aligned pedophiles, human traffickers, and terrorists is not something I am”cool” with.

Theoretically speaking ONLY I’d have thought he’d put up a better fight…

I’ve been doing some traveling as of late. I’ve been to some places, and I’ve done some things. Its fun to imagine that maybe I was able to locate a high up of T.O.B. physically, and the deep, immense satisfaction I would feel hearing a phrase like, “I just want to go home and see my mom” whimpered from out a now largely toothless and blood filled mouth.

I can vividly imagine that mouth belonging to a mid-30s male with a military-type build and a shaved head. I can see him quivering and convulsing on the ground at my feet, his eyes full of fearful tears. I would wonder how his mother would feel if knew she gave birth to a human waste, which desired a satanic world order, who sympathized with pedophiles and beat a 14-year-old girl with a rubber hose until she went insane from the searing pain and now vomits (a fear reaction) at the sight of a garden hose (that really happened).

I would want to ask him if he was “Nocturlian” material while choking on his blood and sobbing in the fetal position. If I could ask him, I project that he wouldn’t answer, but cry and bleed instead. Lastly, I would feel semi-vindicated as I picked him up over my head and brought him down, hard, into a dumpster, informing him, he was “now home.”

What would be more interesting is if I were to go through his cell phone contacts, get on his facebook and take screenshots of message convos he has with certain people (a particular tranny working in Salt Lake City maybe), dial his mother and have a chat with her, oh things I might hear. Of course, this all fantasy, nothing but silly musings with absolutely NO basis in truth whatsoever. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I think its time to take an arbitrarily trip to Saint George, UT for no particular reason.

-Kevin Wikse

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