Hail & Welcome!


Hail & Welcome!

Congratulations on your inter-dimensional breakthrough!

You did not come here by accident…

Welcome to this unique multidimensional platform. Might and Magick is ready to serve as a launch pad for your own hero’s journey.  As you hurtle through the astral realm,  past the twin pillars of infinity and eternity, allow my exploits and sojourns to the netherworld to be your road map of the great beyond. 

You feel a restlessness stirring inside you. In response, you looked to the horizon and discovered a new but strange day is quickly dawning. You sense the promise of freedom but see she is still clad in the irons of tyranny. You know you must charge to her rescue but yet you hesitate.


Let me address your concerns and re-adjust your focus.

My content is purposely inciting and initiatory. I aim to provide the spark which ignites your personal evolutionary bomb. I believe the only answer to full spectrum dominance is full spectrum resistance.

Through the gnosis of my continuing heroic evolution, I can offer you a myriad of timeless and powerful archetypes to explore and embody. I know everyone has his or her dragons to slay, which is convenient, as my ultimate destination is wherever “here be dragons” is.

H.P Lovecraft said,

“Someday our piecing together of knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas we shall either go mad or flee into the safety of a new dark age”.  

To which, I reply,

“Should that day come, when I and my fellows are forced underground, for the sake of shelter and sanity; we will carry torches, ablaze with the eternal fire of truth, to light our way. We shall tread so deep into the earth, we will come falling from the sky, as Promethean star seeds.” -Kevin Wikse

If you consciously choose both might and magic, then I am certain, in the marvelous annals of Heaven and Earth, you will be duly enshrined. I present to you the resistance nobody is prepared for and the revolution no one saw coming.

Might and Magick is up and running.

-Kevin Wikse 2018

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