Who is Kevin Wikse?


My name is Kevin Wikse. If you do not already know me, allow me to introduce myself:

80lb Clubbell creates 2800lb of torque.
  • I am an international renown pagan themed strongman. I am recognized as a master of heavy clubs, maces, strand pulling, leverage and grip strength feats. A summary of my world record feats and videos can be attained here.
  • I am the author and creator of the acclaimed Hero’s Journey, a first, and only, of its kind book series. Hero’s Journey blends together strength training, visualization, self-hypnosis, and mythology, for a potent alchemical elixir of self-transformation. My author’s profile and book information are found here.
  • I am a lifelong martial artist with a Black Belt in Judo, a decade of Catch Wrestling and Jujitsu, as well as Chinese Kung Fu and Qigong: Baguazhang, Yi Quan, and Northern and Southern Mantis.
  • I am a world famous occultist, regularly contacted by politicians, senators, congressmen, and heads of state from all over the world. I sent shock waves throughout the online occult community (circa 2008), igniting a firestorm of modern revolution against the Global Cabal, New World Order, Illuminati or “deep state,” employing occultic forces.
  • I’ve been practicing Ceremonial magic for nearly 30 years. I am a priest of Palo Mayombe, Voudo-21 Commissions Sanse, Allan Kardec Spiritist and a 3rd Degree High Priest of Wicca. Information concerning my spiritual temple Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas can be found here.
  • MUFON classifies me as an “experiencer” in regards to E.T (Extra-Terrestrial) and N.H.E (Non-human entity) contact. I have had numerous encounters, many of the 5th kind, which entailed violent physical exchanges with beings of unknown origins.
  • I am a remote viewer and psychic researcher, who spends time in the field. I dedicate time and attention towards missing people, unsolved crimes, highly charged events (9-11, Oklahoma City bombings, Las Vegas shooting, school shootings, etc), areas of high strangeness (Crater Lake, OR, Mount Shasta, CA, Devil’s Tower, WY, etc), and exposing Human Trafficking. 
Unlike Max Spiers and others, my arms have actually prevailed over otherworldly forces.

Might and Magick will serve as the culmination of all my previous blogs, patreon, videos and other side projects I was involved in. In our current political climate it is no longer advantageous nor safe for me, or my great work, to remain anonymous or continue compartmentalizing. Here I will solidify and consolidate my internet presence, an ever continuing task…



My blogs:

  1. Palomayombepnw
  2. Missing411rvp
  3. Templeofthemachete

My PatreonShed of Rebellion

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My Vimeo: Might and Magick

-Kevin Wikse

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