2030 A.D & UFOs

The U.F.O Agenda and Childhood’s End

The following admission makes me nervous, but I am taking a chance. If I am wrong, the only consequence is I lived my next 11 years the way I would anyway and encouraged others to do the same. I can accept that. Not long ago I was contacted by a group, maybe “think-tank” is a better term, of individuals with ties to upper-level government and black projects. A few of these individuals have been involved since the 1950s however they are old and will pass on soon.

They confirm President Dwight Eisenhower was coerced by the Pentagon into a contract with Extra-Terrestrials, Zeta-Reticuli Greys. In exchange for giving us advanced technology, our government would allow them to abduct a set number of American citizens every year. Further stipulations stated the Greys must tell our Government exactly who they abducted, when and for how long. Abductees where not to be physically harmed, too severely, returned to where they had been abducted and their memories where to be wiped. Neither would the Greys enter into contracts or agreements with other countries.

Almost immediately the Zeta-Reticuli Greys broke the contract. The number of American citizens abducted far exceeded the agreed on limit, many abductees where not being returned at all, and no list of names, times or places was being given. The level of provided technology, while advanced, was sub-par compared to what was promised and the Greys were making agreements with other nations.

Members of the think-tank sat participated in government-sponsored channeling sessions. Recruited mediums and mystics attempting (and succeeded) in contacting “aliens”, some Extra-Terrestrial but the majority of communication were with I.D.E or Inter-Dimensional Entities. Modern researchers, Nick Redfern, Clive Lewis and Richard C. Hoagland (to name the high profile offenders), erroneously overemphasize the influence Aleister Crowley, and Jack Parsons had in formulating of these channeling circles. In truth, Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons are nobodies concerning true occult work and awed at only by the ignorant.

It was the work of Maria Orsic, aka Maria Orschitsch, the head medium of the Vril society, who helped the Nazi party construct advanced flying machines (foo-fighters included). She directed the Nazis to finish establishing bases in Antartica and put the Nazis in contact with N.H.E (Non-Human Entities) who helped them build the war-winning superweapon Die Glocken or The Bell (if you don’t know about the Nazi Fifth Column victory strategy you need to unfuck yourself). Maria was the driving force behind our Government’s interest in the occult. Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons are chumps and chomos. On a side note, Crowley and Parsons are powerful influences behind the spread of pedophilia and Luciferianism within elite social circles, so there is that…credit where credit is due I guess.

I’ve already made posts about the entity calling itself Sheeva or Shiva, D-Wave computing as well as CERN, eventually I will post about the current Mandela Effect and its direct relation to CERN.

I’ve been asked to introduce the agenda for 2030 and why the government will NEVER give disclosure. Had not some predictions I was provided by the think-tank not come to fruition and done so with startling accuracy, I would not be doing this. But they have proven themselves and shown me just where their connections lead.

2030 is the year humanity’s collective childhood ends forever. There will be no more ages. No more blasting ourselves back to the stone-age, only to crawl out of the rubble and try again. 2030 marks the beginning of humanity’s era among the stars as part of an intergalactic reality from which there will be no return. We will either solidify what it is to be human or get lost, swept away, in the incoming influence of hundreds and soon hundreds of thousands of Extra-Terrestrial races, as well as Interdimensional entities. 2030 is when all agreements, all stays of contact, and all hands-off directives cease. 2030 has NOTHING to do with aiding humanity’s spiritual progression, nothing to do with increasing our dimensionality from 3-D to 4-D, or any other asinine concept born of the laughable and ridiculous “new-age.” This has everything to do with natural progression, from the individual awareness to tribal awareness, to the national consciousness, to global awareness, and now beyond planetary into interplanetary recognition.

These incoming races don’t generally give a fuck about our planet (climate change…cough-cough..global warming …is a scam to fool morons into surrendering control to elite level megalomaniacs who will enslave them through environment tyranny a.k.a “King’s wood”). The childish dream that humanity is alone in the universe is fast coming to an end. Sadly I predict it will be an exceedingly rude awakening when that alarm clock finally sounds. If by result humanity experiences a major spiritual awakening then awesome. I am not advocating we throw the baby out with the bathwater, but let us be clear, if that happens it will be as a result, not the purpose of 2030. Make no mistake, I am not talking about the sheer lunacy which fueled 2012.

The Greys will make their play first. They are already here and have ordered their likeness be drip-feed into social consciousness for 70 or so years now. In the ensuing chaos and confusion, they will present themselves as protectors. Predictably the majority of humanity, already somewhat familiar with the Grey, shall willing herd themselves into high tech fattening pens and happily await auction and or slaughter. Greys eat people as well as trade them to others as slaves or culinary delights. The goals of the Zeta-Retculi Greys are hybridization with humans and establishing a new home on this planet. The current socially engineered trend towards “trans”, be it transsexual or transhumanism is a conditioning step towards steering human expectations in looking and acting more like Zeta-Reticuli Greys (who are asexual and now a far distant cry from what their species originally looked like).

In 2030 the major world powers of Earth are who these E.T races will interact with most. It is no coincidence Trump ordered the creation of a 6th Military Branch, Space Force, and Congress very quietly passed a 1.2 Billion quantum computing bill, the “National Quantum Initiative Act” by a vote of 348-11, a bipartisan act of that magnitude and in this political climate!? They know what is coming, and now so do you. China is a big player in this (they are building their own Space Force, and the “Heavenly Palace”, a space station of amazing size and capability). It could come down to a divided planet, American Nationalism vs. Chinese National Socialism (Communism). Russia is a dark horse presently in terms of what they will do. I suspect they will seek to be a stand-alone power. The NWO/Illuminati/Zionists have all but completely abandoned the Anglo-Saxon/British model for global domination and thrown their lot in with China.

What can we do to retain our humanity, stake a claim on our planet and force E.T races to make agreements with us, regardless of prevailing ideologies? First and foremost is the creation of strong, close-knit communities specializing in various trades and skills to barter. These communities must cultivate powerful earth-based spiritualities, and maintain deep roots in human culture, but adopt new methodologies which advance humanity. In this way, E.T races will more readily see us as legitimate earthlings, not unhinged humans needing reclamation or repurposing. There is more, but for right now, this is paramount.

In the next 11 years, I seek to build such a community. Developing as well as share the appropriate skill set. These longstanding goals are a few of the many reasons I was contacted by the think-tank in the first place.

Why is it we will never get disclosure on UFOs or 2030? Because we got “confirmation” and confirmation is NOT disclosure. Our Government, through leaks and FOIA, has all but screamed, “yes you idiots, UFOs are real!”, and that is all we will ever get. 2030 is only 11 years away. The open secret can easily be kept until then. When 2030 does come, it will be like Donald Rumsfield admitting $2.2 Trillion was missing (unaccounted for) from the Pentagon on 9/10/2001. The next day’s events will see to it the $2.2 Trillion mystery, like hope (or need) for disclosure, is a bygone idea.

Disclosure means explaining how our government kept the existence of Extra-Terrestrials and UFOs hidden as well as how they paid for a secret space program. There is a reason crashed CIA planes are found to have tons (literal tons) of cocaine and massive collections of child porn (mostly child snuff films) on board. These sub-human monsters engage in trafficking the foulest vices and narcotics are the least of them. The modern human slave trade, sex slavery, snuff films, and the global pedophile network (child kidnap, rape, torture, and murder), not to mention the theft known as taxation, all fund these trillion dollar black projects. That is why disclosure will NEVER happen. Make sense now?

Quantum computing will change everything. Imagine if you knew 20 years ago what the internet would be. What would you do differently? Mass scale quantum internet is 2-3 years out. Do you catch my drift? The internet gave humanity a chance of total freedom. We did a lot of good with it, but we did not fully understand its implications. But look, a second wave is coming. Different yes, but in many ways, it is the same. Others are quietly getting ready to make tremendous noise when the time is right, why aren’t you?

The most important date in human history will happen in 2030. We have 11 years. I have been given wisdom by someone very powerful, someone who is really amazing, and whose business skills you would be very impressed by, ” take a year and learn everything you can and then for the next ten years be an ant even if everyone else is a grasshopper”.

You know the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper don’t you?

-Kevin Wikse

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