Spiritual Warfare: Operation Rescue Hound

Saint Guinefort
Ephesians 6:12 KJV

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

On June 25th, 2022, I was again contacted by a similar group I have worked with prior to likewise aid in successful efforts running Law Enforcement operations against human traffickers and pedophile networks (see Conjuration of the Millstone). This time, however, a concerted focus is to be placed on investigations into where the still-living babies go after abortions. It is known there are still sold by Planned Parenthood for medical and military research. We know these babies are kept in incubators and given drugs to “keep them comfortable,” but what next? By what legal platform can this be done, and if it is not lawful, why are no charges being filed against them and the research companies purchasing these living infants? 

In addition, I was privy to information about future bombshell leaks concerning Hunter Biden would drop soon (check the dates of when that happened). I made this YouTube video on June 27th, 2022, to signal I had initiated my act of spiritual warfare (here). I am also told there is an exceptionally aggressive pedophile eradication, privately funded, hunting down child traffickers and habitual child rapists with Political ties and influence on Social Media.

You KNOW I support that. 

Dog will hunt—a favorite saying of mine and one hated by many now takes on a new, wider-reaching meaning.  

Please help the fight, and offer the prayer of Operation Rescue Hound at least once daily. This prayer signals to celestial intelligences you recognize the need for swift, relentless and decisive action against those lower than cockroach shit, pedophiles, GROOMERS, child traffickers, and anyone who sell and purchase still-living babies for research. 

Dog will hunt.

Prayer to Saint Guinefort

By the sign of the Holy Cross, From our enemies deliver us, Lord our God.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. By that terrifying name of God, Elohim Gibor, who severely punishes the wicked. In the name of Archangel Michael, unconquerable warrior prince of Heaven, who crushes the head of Satan under his heel. In the name of Archangel Kamael, who accepts nothing less than full recompense from those who have harmed God’s most beloved. In the name of Saint George, who brings his lance against both devils and dragons. In the name of Saint Santiago, who serves as a symbol of victory in warfare against the enemy. In the name of mighty Saint Christopher, who faired Baby Jesus across the river without fail on his shoulder, bearing the weight of the world. In the name of Saint Anthony, who tenderly held the child Jesus in his arms. Never did he once look down upon those who suffer. In the name of the Divine Nino, child of eternal promise, inexhaustible source of purity and hope.

In the name of Heaven and Mary Mother Queen of Angels, surrounded by the hosts of Ophanim, Seraphim, Keribum, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. May these hosts of angelic warriors surround and guard us against injury by the foul and corrupted. May their celestial trumpets rouse the righteous and signal anew the hunting of evil in our midst.

In the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, your love for God’s creatures and relevance for the powers of nature were boundless. Please bless us with the same awe and wonder for God’s creation as you have. Please instructs us in the ways of nature, both kind and seemingly cruel. We ask for your intercession in calling forth one of God’s most loyal servants who have proven themselves worthy of the title of “man’s best friend,” even when man has not been a good friend in return.

Saint Guinefort, the Holy Greyhound and guardian of children. You who loyally served a strong knight. You were killed by that knight’s sword when he thought you had devoured his child. But you had not. The blood dripping from your mouth was that of a poisonous viper who had slithered into the infant’s crib. You risked your life to defend the babe. Heartbroken by his actions, the knight built for you a burial shrine. Inspired by your loyalty and courage, you started a following and performed miracles for those who called out for your intercession.

Saint Guinefort, patron of children and those who care for and watch over them, we call for your intercession here and now. Saint Guinefort, the vipers who plague us currently, walk on two legs, but they still try and slither into the cribs of babes. These vile abominations allow no time to pass before they seek to harm our children. They will steal them directly from their mother’s womb. They butcher them and render them into parts for market. Worse, they will pull the babe out whole and profit from selling it into scientific bondage. What horrors await this precious child? What torments will the infant be subjected to? How can we allow our children to descend from Heaven only to be ripped into a hell on earth?

The innocence of our children is being fouled at unfathomable rates. These vipers seek to normalize their carnal desires toward God’s most beloved. They lust after the exploitation and molestation of humanity’s future, and they do it happily, with little to no fear of retribution. Saint Guinefort, we ask that you help put an end to their shameless and horrendous offenses. We ask, just as you tore asunder the serpent who threatened the child of your human master, we ask that you bare your teeth and shred the human vipers who threaten the beloved children of your divine master, Prime Creator, God Almighty.

Saint Guinefort, we ask that you hunt these two-legged snakes and chase them down like rabbits before reducing them to a bloody paste. Please help us, the righteous, to do the same. Help humanity recognize these child predators for the cancer they are. Help us sniff them out and expose them, wherever they are, from the slums and ghettos to the tallest towers and the highest levels of Government.

We ask you, Saint Guinefort, who it is said gnaws on the wings and tails of demons and even at times the Devil himself, please be our guardian, be our celestial watchdog. Keep evil at bay. Alert us of danger, both spiritual and physical. Please always remember that we are the children of God, and your sacred duty is to defend the babes of your now divine master.

Saint Guinefort. Dog will hunt.

In the name of God, the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. By the intercession of Mary Mother Queen of Angels. By all the Saints of God. Please bless and defend those who wield this prayer in spiritual warfare against the enemy. Divine Nino, Michael the Archangel, Kamael the Archangel, Saint Guinefort, Saint Barbara, Saint George, Saint Santiago, Saint Christopher, and Saint Anthony protect us, fight for us, and shield us in this, our day of battle. Let us not falter in our convictions. May we one day soon wear the laurel crown of victory upon our heads through spiritual warfare and attain that of the imperishable crown through consistent Faith, Hope, and Charity.


-Kevin Wikse

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