Remote Viewing: Missing 4-11 Operations “BARN OWL” and “DEEP SEED”.


Remote Viewing session.
Date: June 20th, 2019
Target: Yosemite National Park, Californa (primary) Missing 411 Phenomena (secondary).


Possible verification that clusters for missing persons satisfying classification criteria for Missing 411 designation matches up with locations of known D.U.M.B.s or Deep Underground Military Bases. Vast cavernous expanses within and underneath mountains of a high granite content containing a high concentration of modern as well as presently classified advanced technology intermingled with ancient technology, also classified.

The underground bases are primarily of a human population; however, I had brief glimpses of intelligent and uniformed humanoids who most certainly are non-human. These non-human entities potentially possessed a greater awareness (psychically) as they seemed to detect my psychic presence, one, an insectoid, followed my astral body through the underground complex.

In a large meeting or conference room, I was able to read the plans for “OPERATION DEEP SEED” a continuity program, or break away civilization, for the preservation of the human-race “earth culture.” In these plans, I learned of an executive order signed by President Bill Clinton, which officially re-classified American citizens as social securities usable as collateral.

Collateral which can be used, against their wishes, to ensure the continuation of human-race or “earth culture.” This program is on track for completion before June 2029. Next, I got shown the word “MANHATTAN.” I believe “MANHATTAN” to be referencing the Manhattan Project in which the United States government forcefully recruited (kidnapped) scientists to build the Atomic Bomb in response to WW2’s Nazi threat.

Exploring the underground complex further, I discovered a hanger full of car-sized drones.

1. Drones had a containment capsule.
2. Drones had no visible propulsion system.
3. Drones made of a highly polished and reflective surface and appeared almost invisible.

I received a vision of how the drones operated, silently and effectively invisibly stalking its target. Swooping down, and sucking the person up, into a containment capsule. The person is gassed and or injected in the containment capsule with a paralytic agent and brought back to the underground base.

I was able then to see a massive list of potential recruits, the majority looked to fit the known model for kidnaped victims being primarily male, of German ancestry, high I.Q. and studied in engineering. However, the database included women, children, and peoples of different races and intellectual capabilities. This diversity helps prevent genetic stagnation and allows for mutations which are the driver for evolution.

Psychically I was shown these drones get outfitted with the most sophisticated facial and bio-recognition technology. They detect and retrieve all approved recruits (there are millions of potential candidates) as they enter designated so-called recruiting grounds, i.e., national parks and forests. Next, I was shown the recruits get processed and registered under a new classification of an American citizen under the aforementioned executive order and emergency disaster/war powers act. Addition information regarding this emergency disaster/ war powers remained hidden from me.

Recruits build the infrastructure for a new American civilization and in return are promised a place within its breakaway society, and continuation of “earth culture,” ahead of an incoming global disaster circa 2030 (which I believe is the return of the planetoid ship, possibly whom we call the Annunaki and pole shift). The recruits are forbidden to contact the outside world and some maybe already have been sent to Mar colonies.

The program name for the drones I received is OPERATION BARN OWL. I got shown the logo for Lockheed-Martian when I inquired about who manufactures these drones. I was also strongly barred from seeing deeper in the underground complex in Yosemite. I felt a tangible barrier preventing me from seeing the recruits and the work they are engaged in. I will try again at a later date.

-Kevin Wikse

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