Meridian PD blocks my Google review.

imagesThe following is my Google review of the Meridian Police Department. I posted the review about a year ago and it received a lot of reads and a number of “thumbs up” from others who found my posting helpful. I was even sent an email from someone who was on the fence about moving to Meridian, Idaho but after reading my encounter with the Police Department, decided he’d rather not risk living in a city who arms and enlists the mentally and physically deficient.

The Meridian Police it seems did not enjoy the fact that I mentioned them in the same breath as cancerous twat, Laura Silsby. Laura Silsby is a typical lunatic liberal blue haired bushy cunt who worked closely with the Clinton Foundation. She was arrested in Haiti attempting to illegally smuggle Haiti children out of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake, under the “New Life Children’s Refuge” which was under the Central Valley Baptist Church, in Meridian Idaho. IN my opinion, a front for human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. I will do a FULL article about Laura Silsby soon. I am just feeling inspired now.

In my post I openly question what the Meridian Police Dept did or did not about the activities of Laura Silsby, and the Central Valley Baptist Church. Did the Meridian Police Dept have it’s cooperation bought? Bought in money? Access to children? The activities of one of it’s officers certainly gives me pause to wonder who many pedophiles they employ. Seems my valid query led them to petition Google to shadow block my review. I can see it when I logged into my Google account, however no one else can. After doing research on this, I have discovered that businesses can request that certain reviews become “shadow” blocked. Google couldn’t care less about the Meridian Police Dept. It wasn’t Google, it was the Meridian PD, and that has me all sorts of curious as to why they would single out my review and have Google shadow block it. I must have hit a nerve.

Rest assured I am going to continue hammering that nerve. I will start by making public (again) my Google review.

Here it is in its entirety.

I found myself in a situation where I had no choice but to call 9-11. It was my last resort option (I had tried every other possible recourse). The call was not in response to anything criminal. A person needed mental services and minor medical help (why emergency services elected to send armed clowns before the paramedics is a whole other mystery).

I noticed one of the three officers, a stunted weaselly redhead, leering at pictures of my three-year-old niece, and, in my opinion, taking a mental inventory of expensive items in the house, duck down a hallway. I am not letting anybody, including a police officer, wander around my house like an asshole. He could be casing the house for future theft, planting drugs or heading for my niece’s bedroom for a souvenir he could masturbate to (a church in Meridian was embroiled in a child trafficking scandal out of Haiti. I don’t for a second trust that the Meridian PD was not, in some way, in on it. GOOGLE “Laura Silsby”).

He had NO reason to be strolling around my home like it was an open house event. I assertively told him he had no business anywhere else but in the living room, where the situation was occurring. As expected, the easily rattled weakling screamed at me, saying he did not need to be there because partners could handle the situation. I quickly rebutted him, that if that was true, then he did not need to in the house at all. I further informed him he was not to leave my sight unless it was through the front door. I positioned myself so he could see me watching him, and so there were no “misunderstandings” about what serious consequences would befall him should he again scurry, like a rat, down the hallway to my niece’s room.

I laughed at him through the rest of his belligerent and suspiciously defensively ravings. Both his partners eventually shot him a glance to just to shut up already. He kept his eyes glued to the floor (smart, making eye contact with me again would not have been good for him) and his mouth shut — no more attempt to pilfer through my house where made.

If he had any legal reason to search the house, he would have cited them and continued. Again, he had none. His developmentally challenged reactions make me suspect I caught him in a potentially illegal act. I am extremely fearful of what I WILL do, and I hope to God I am wrong here, I ever discovered my suspicions are correct, especially in respects to the safety of my niece. KNOW THAT.

It is highly unprofessional for the Meridian Police Dept to have placed me in that position. Thankfully I have been trained to take control of situations in profoundly hostile environments and manage complicated people. The Meridian Police are no different from any other case involving armed people of little intelligence for which I had to handle. It is sad I needed to employ verbal judo and behavioral manipulation techniques on Meridian Police Officers in the first place, let alone inform one in how to do his job. It is sadder still that the only criminals I genuinely need to be concerned about wear badges and are funded by taxpayer money.

As you can see I refrained from calling the police officers “pigs” nor did I doxx the particular officer, although I have collected a great deal of information concerning him. For the life of me I can see no reason to shadow block my review other than that sticky-little-wicket of a mention, the human garbage pile known as Laura Silsby.

If you are from the Meridian PD and would like to contact me, please feel free. We can discuss your feelings.  I will keep the discourse and any future interactions as civil as you decide to keep it. It will be in your best interest and safety to be polite and maintain your conduct in a friendly and peaceful manner. This is the ONLY warning you will be issued.

-Kevin Wikse


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