Max Spiers: Tested

Max Spiers: Super Soldier, tested and found wanting.

Max Spiers.

In 2011  I received an email from Max Spiers. Before this, I had not heard of Max Spiers or his work. He wanted to arrange a meeting with me. Through his sources, he learned I lived in Southern California. It just so happened he was traveling to Los Angeles to meet another contact who had “high-level” information concerning UFO abductees.  

As I understood Max Spiers was or wanted to be a publicized Ufologist from the UK. He spoke of headlining speaking tours and “making it” on the circuit. I could not have cared less about UFO conventions or speaking engagements, but I did agree his message was an important one.

I was involved in projects which he felt aligned with his, and in part he was correct. I was vocal on YouTube about the New World Order, Illuminati, UFO contact, Occultism, Global Extermination Plot, and the modern day human slave trade, as well as Global Pedophilia Rings (remember this was back in 2011…before it was cool). I was also working with a small crew of Dark Web explorers hunting down and exposing White Slavery and Red Rooms, again circa 2009-2013 when these were a thing.

Max Spiers somehow knew about my efforts on the Deep Web, something I did not openly speak about, and that intrigued me. More than a few people made it their mission to unmask my YouTube persona. Most meant well, and I was blessed to get to know them, but not all. The one thing these people did not uncover was my work on the Dark Web. How Max Spiers learned of it? To this day I am still unsure.

I agreed to meet Max and prepared for anything. I concocted a contingency plan in case he was luring me out for reasons of retribution. He did know about my Dark Web presence after all. Happily, I would learn I had nothing fear concerning Max. Leading up to our meeting he revealed he was an elite Super Solider; bestowed physical and psychic augmentations, through genetic manipulation. Max claimed he was recruited as a young boy, attended a top-secret school for super soldiers, assassins and psychic warriors, enduring brutal military training modules. Max also stated that he underwent programing which stemmed from MK-Ultra to further develop his psychic abilities and potentially create multiple highly skilled personalities. These personalities could, in theory, carry out separate missions simultaneously without stumbling over each other. 

Or, that is what I believe Max was trying to tell me. Max lacked the vocabulary, as well as the studied research to support what he was claiming. I did a lot filling in the blanks for him. Max was pulling from Alpha-Black and Delta-Green psychological conditioning. These protocols came out of late Veit Nam war era black-op Pheonix and Ghost warrior projects. Alpha-Black isolated elements of a person’s self-destructive personality and enhanced their suicidal tendencies; while honing single-minded fixation and installing a personal scorched-earth, all of nothing, philosophy.

This protocol developed violent and disposable soldiers whose extremely deviant nature and lack of self-preservation made them ideal “one and done” or “suicide mission”  agents, usually dying in the field or if captured, be further honed in private prisons or murdered. Optionally they would be allowed to function in society, until outliving their usefulness and becoming part of pop-culture’s concept of a serial killer.

Individuals such as Timothy McVeigh, Ottis Toole, Henry Lee Lucas, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jeffery Dahmer, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Aileen Wuornos, and all Jihadist suicide bombers (to name a few), likely received some form of Delta-Black training.

Delta-Green, however, seeks to develop true specialists. Agents who get in and get out. They avoid capture and escape through any means. These individuals carry out longterm and or delicate assignments. They are meant for repeatable deployment and groomed for positions of leadership. Often they are given amnesic drugs after missions and deprogrammed so they will have little to no recollection of prior assignments. Because of these traits, I am unable to compile a reasonable list of likely candidates for Delta-Green programming.

Also, Max made some claims to me in respect to the abilities he possessed. The following is by no means a complete list but represents the greater sum of his claims:

  • Superhuman Strength.
  • Greatly enhanced senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste).
  • Master of numerous fighting styles.
  • Master level skill with various weapons, including firearms.
  • Psychic abilities (astral travel at will, and remote viewing) along with demonstrable telekinesis.
  • Extreme resistance to pain, and injury as well as heat and cold.
  • Healing abilities which bordered on regeneration.

Max went on to attest he single handed defeated special forces units from around the world in both war games scenarios and later in real combat. Max further claimed to have bested 9ft tall and 400lb reptilian warriors in death matches. I remained skeptical. I had own experiences to contend with, a few of them rather fantastic and in some way paralleled with Max. In light of that, I listened and reserved my judgment.

I agreed to meet Max in Orange County California. He spent a few days exploring Southern California’s beaches before meeting me, and afterward, he’d find his contact in Los Angeles. My place was in Santa Ana, California (at the time) was a short drive away from where I suggested we hook up. On a breezy morning, I met Max at a spot I knew well. This was a spot I regularly trained at in weightlifting and martial arts. In the back of my SUV, I packed all my heaviest kettlebells, clubs and maces, implements I am YouTube famous for. I was also actively training for Judo and Jujitsu tournaments at gyms all over Southern California. I’ve strangled the literal shit out of more than few top-level Brazilian Jujitsu and professional MMA champs. I aimed to prove or disprove Max’s claims of superhuman strength and or super soldier martial prowess.

Overall it was a pleasant meeting. Max was friendly and engaging to talk too. However, in the course of our conversation certain things about Max became evident:

  1. Max was a heroin addict and probably used since he got to California. He indirectly asked me, a few times,  if I knew of anyone in Los Angeles with connections. This alone means nothing. Max could be everything he says he was and still use heroin. Recreational and ceremonial drug use within martial cultures is more the rule than the exception.
  2. Max was probably full of shit. It seemed he assimilated enough information on the occult, metaphysics, and Ufology to hold a conversation with someone having a background in the topics mentioned above or give a lecture to people with zero experience but he provided nothing that wasn’t available through a Google search. Regarding the authentic application of ritual magic, or avoiding the common misinformation surrounding Ufology (Wright Patterson as opposed to Area-51, the initiated will know what I mean), Max was not knowledgeable even by well-researched standards and had nothing in the way of direct experience.
  3. Max was likely a victim of physical, mental and possibly sexual abuse. Maybe even prolonged and severe systematic torture. But at the hands of a super-secret school run by the government for a military black-ops program? My guess is no, but also infuriatingly yes at the same time. Max had a limited grasp on methods used to shatter someone’s psyche and re-assemble new personalities out of pieces. I believe Max was a victim of a mind-control program or experiment, as well as behavioral management via his drug addiction. Max may have been abused by high-level and high-profile pedophiles as a child and disinformation implanted in him.
  4. Max was not psychic and furthermore had ZERO telekinetic ability. He blamed the highly chaotic energies blanketing Southern California for disrupting his physic powers. Combat, however, elicits substantially chaotic energies. It entered my mind to ask him how he manifested his abilities during battles with aliens and special forces units, but I already knew the answer.

In base terms, Max was a troubled man, with a deep interest in UFOs and the occult, suffering from drug addiction. He had a good heart and genuinely wanted to help people.

What, if any, special training Max had wasn’t apparent. But that would be the point right? A clandestine agent needs to look unassuming and not like a superman. I casually steered our conversation towards martial arts and feats of strength. I told Max friends of mine were going to be arriving soon. We would do some weight training and spar using various martial arts. I began unloading my SUV with all my equipment. I was not surprised when Max looked a little nervous. Unbeknownst to him, I had created a situation where Max knew his claims were going to be tested.

Every kettlebell was over 100lbs, the heaviest being 66 kg or 145 lbs. I brought my two 45 lb clubs, 80 lb club, and my 70 b mace. The challenge each of these tools issued surpassed the capabilities of legitly strong men, let alone men of average strength, which is where I’d put Max. Max wouldn’t even help me unload my equipment. I could see it in his eyes, he’d stumbled onto the proving ground, and was looking for a way out. I, on the other hand, continued to encourage his participation. I one hand pressed each kettlebell over my head, did flips and catches with them, the whole circus strongman routine. 

Max explained to me that his superhuman strength and elite level combat skills were triggered during times of danger and high stress. That was the cue I had really been waiting for. I immediately dove for his legs, what we call a diving double, seized them and drove him back onto the ground…hard. Max was surprised and panicked to find himself in a fight He was assuredly not comfortable being in one. Max showed no signs of instinct to suggest he’d ever been in a fight.

I quickly established a position of dominance, sitting atop his chest and countering his attempts to escape. If an inhumanly strong monster of a galactic caliber was laying dormant inside Max, I planned on giving it every opportunity to awaken. It becomes evident that a simple rough up wasn’t going to be enough to release the beast. I switched tactics and switched my position. Do or die time. Using a maneuver from north-south (a wrestling position) I pulled him on top of me and taking his back, I applied a deep rear-naked choke. I watched and waited. Alas, no beast and no super soldier. Just a man fluttering between states of unconsciousness. With no evidence that either superhuman strength or elite levels of combat skill would immerge before Max passed out, I relented and released.

Yes, it was a dick move, but I didn’t, and I do not apologize, because I am not sorry. I had to know the truth, and truth be told, Max had to know, assuming he didn’t already.  I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. We talked a little while longer. I couldn’t tell if it was a powerfully entrenched idea, a delusion of intense vividness, or a lie Max would defend no matter what, but even in the face of being utter manhandled, Max still asserted that he was a super soldier possessing greatly enhanced physical and psychic capabilities.  Maybe that is what he needed to believe, it gave him the hope to go on after what may or may not have happened to him. I am not someone to steal another’s hope. To save Max some face, I admitted that perhaps I wasn’t formidable enough to trigger his super soldier response. Max nodded. Hell, maybe that was the case. I’ll never know.

I thanked Max for giving me the honor of meeting him and wished him luck with his contact in Los Angeles. He asked if we could talk or maybe meet again. I said yes, anytime.

I never heard from him again.

Max Spiers died in Warsaw, Poland in 2016 under mysterious circumstance. Personally, I believe he died from a “bad” batch of heroin. I see Max Spiers as an example of fake it till you make it. I think he eventually uncovered information which cost him his life and could (maybe one day will) prove harmful to a group of influential evil people. I intuitively feel Max might have been administered heroin with a, as of yet, unidentified acidic or uranium-based component that caused catastrophic harm to his insides.  This could account for the black icor Max is said to have vomited as well as the speed of his body’s decomposition.

I’ve revisited my encounter with Max many times, before and after he died. It reminds me that sooner or later everyone gets tested, everyone stumbles into the proving ground, and sooner or later everyone is going to discover if you are a legit-gangsta or some “wanna be, gonna-be couck-suckin, pussy-eatin pranksta” (Geto-Boys “Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta” happens to be playing right now, very auspicious). 

People who are or become leaders in the UFO community need to be held to a higher standard. The science behind Ufology is murky and arcane. It is first muddled at the highest levels of Government and only gets muddier on the way down. Ufology is a topic which draws not only the intuitive and curious but the rank and vicious so-called skeptic, the paid debunker. Cults of personality are many, while genuine is evidence few. People come seeking hope to remedy fears, and answers for something they feel but yet, or as of yet, cannot define.

Max Spiers claiming to be a super soldier was, in my opinion, harmful to the UFO community and to the conversation at large. Anyone claiming such abilities to legitimize their UFO experience needs to be dragged to the proving grounds but on the UFO community’s terms, not the debunker’s. Imagine if Max Spiers had been subject to a test similar to what I sprung on him, but publicly, and by someone desiring to harm the credibility of Ufology. It would be disastrous. In this way, we minimize the frauds and clear the stage for those of us who may have developed physical and spiritual skills which could potentially serve as both offense and defense against what many would consider an unthinkable threat.

In the days before Max Spier’s death, he texted his mom and girlfriend. He stated he was sick, in fear for his life and possibly being held against his will by a “Dark Magick” cult. The supporting evidence for this claim is pretty flimsy. But, if you are a Dark Magick cult which holds people against their will, you take measures to cover your tracks. Regardless, if Max was a Super Soldier, and for some reason still allowed access to his phone to send texts, he is free enough to battle his way out. If I was being held against my will but had access to my phone, and all that stood between me and freedom was a bunch of common neo-pagans, Luciferian or otherwise, there would be a path of mangled bodies leading to the door. You will need one of those electrical super fences from Jurassic Park if you want to contain this sexual Tyrannosaurus….(ok…ok…maybe a touch of bravado there). 

Want to BE  legit?

  1. Hoist HEAVY iron at least twice a week.
  2. Spend two days a week developing just your grip strength.
  3. Learn a martial art and practice it an hour a day for 5 days a week.
  4. Practice candle gazing/Trataka meditation 15 to 20 minutes 6 days a week.
  5. Learn to shoot, get familiar with all manner of firearms, and learn the basics of knife fighting.
  6. Know your shit. If you re going to be a Ufologist really study Ufology. Read every book, listen to real researchers, watch films, study pictures, go to MUFON meet-ups, go to conventions, etc. Spend one hour (at least) everyday assimilating knowledge in your chosen area of study.
  7. Do not claim to be something you are not.

-Kevin Wikse

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