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Below is my original blog post (updated with somewhat better grammar and sentence structure) reflecting my, one of a kind, early work in regards to “pagan” mythology and strength training. The original post can be found here on my Blog, Circus of Mars. 


The Pan program was inspired by a troupe of Russian dancers I befriended in Southern California, circa 2011. I was deeply impressed with the extraordinary muscularity in their legs and enamored by the sexual ferocity possessed by the women dancers.


They told stories of their parents’ dangerous resistance to Communist ideology. Their parents ingrained in them a ravenous hunger for strength and an insatiable appetite for liberty. Dancing was their opportunity to tour outside of Russia and maybe never have to go back. Even in 2011, I could see early beginnings of the present day’s cancerous Liberals, and their desire for Communism in America. Only the weak and pathetic want their Government to provide for them.

I also, back in 2011, make it clear that there was (and is) a global network that trafficks children and profits from the modern-day slave trade. I was talking about that before it was “cool”.  Fortunately, this strength program was produced by my now-defunct Heroic Evolution and has become one of my favorite realized dreams.

Pan, Great Hooved and Horned Lord of the Dance, Strength & Freedom



The Horned God dwells within all religions and cultures. He is the great father of the wild woods. He is a mighty hunter maintaining the balance of life and death, imposing its harsh repercussions. The man at the crossroads, a trickster, bringing either fortune or calamity while teaching a sorely-needed lesson. He is the seductive dancer stirring a maiden’s first thoughts of desire. Finally, he is the “great adversary,” the King of Hell who commands the infernal host and directs the orchestra of the night.

The Horned God is all they say and more. He is as beloved as loathed. He is as essential as he is eternal in all his forms and functions. Pan is the dance that emulates the beauty and brutality inherent between life and death, and all which stands between.

His dance lures the young boys and girls together. His lewd undulations ignite a fire in their loins, inspiring them to “dance” new life into the world. The Horned God leaps and flourishes himself menacingly. He dances imitate battles between the young stags, as they meet antler to antler. Teaching young men it is natural to be aggressive, stand their ground, and defend what is precious. Lest their homes are taken, and their women and children sold into slavery.

Wine is crucial at his sabbat. Wine is the blood of life, the grape crushed under hoof and horn, given freely to all to enjoy and celebrate that most precious gift called life.

The Horned God dance honors all seasons, events, and milestones. Pan dances the hard times and the sorrows just as gracefully as he dances the good times of peace and plenty. The change of steps in his dance signal each turn made on the great wheel of time. When someone comes to their end, he is there to dance their departure into the next world. One day soon, his provocative dance will entice another couple to re-birth them back into this world.

Pan is beauty and strength, light and dark, and life and death impeccably balanced. He is as old as humanity. Maybe even the first deity. Far older than his Greek trappings, his cult and image are found everywhere, in every culture, and in every era. We humans, in all that we; our victories, losses, love, and cruelty, provide the rhythm Pan dances too.

A master musician, Pan seamlessly jumps in with his pipes and plays along, adding his own divine flare and parody of the tune we give him. He is the dancer for the entire universe. On a microcosmic level, he dances for each of our own songs individually. The whole universe is vibration; Pan is the unquestioned master of
“going with the flow.” For movement is life.
Pan is a Satyr. The anthropomorphized blend of a goat and a man. The term “horny” is directly linked to the goat. Epimedium is a weed that grows thick and plentiful in the Mediterranean. Epimedium is a favorite food for goats and sheep that became known as “Horny goat weed” or “Rowdy Lamb grass.” The tenders of the
flock would watch the increase of sexual activity in their animals after eating this weed and decided to eat some themselves, the results? Pan says, “you are welcome.”

Horny describes Pan aptly. He loves life and all its earthly
gifts. Abrahamic religions often have you forego and deny your earthly self. Pan suggests you enjoy your time in the physical world, make memories and lasting moments. They are all you can take with you back into the spirit realm. There is nothing wrong or perverse about your sexuality. Nor how or whom you decide to enjoy sex with, as long as it is consensual and they are of age.

Monks cloistered away in dark abbots guilted and shamed for having sexual thoughts began to see women as evil demons that haunted their dreams. In response, they predated on each other, especially the young boys. These zealots launched a horrific campaign of torture. Thousands of women died cruel and agonizing deaths. Most by sexualized torture methods, mocking the woman but gratifying the man’s sexual needs.

I make no apologies for my words. The dark tradition
of child molestation among the ranks of the Catholic Church can be linked to the belief that a church has any control over the sexual desires of its followers. To suggest this is to invite a system of spiritual enslavement and mind control. This also includes the heinous act of human trafficking and sexual slavery, which is alive today and still practiced by the catholic church and
government institutions the world over.

Sex is how we came into this world and a significant reason for being in it. It is at the root of our base impulses. Beware of anyone or any institution that wants to worm its way into your sexuality. It will not be for your best interest, and exploitation is sure to follow.
Pan’s connection to sexual desire in men and women is the exact reason he was molded into the boogeyman of Abrahamic faiths. The cloven feet and horns of the “Devil” was no coincidence. Pan inspires wild emotion, stirs deep places inside you, and promotes liberation. Men and women who are proud and secure in their sexuality are not so willing to be controlled.

The shackles of “thou shall not” don’t go on so easy nor likely to stay on. These men and women don’t buy into the fear these enslaving religions and governments are selling. When businesses are dependent on subversive and submissive behavior, the strong-willed is a problem for their profit margins.

Wild men and women who run off to fuck like animals in the woods, drink wine, dance, sing and love one another don’t often show
up for Sunday services. They won’t be there to be indoctrinated. Neither will they show up to plow fields as a slave.

Churches were the first “corporations.” Pan doesn’t do well behind a desk. He won’t let himself get trapped under a mountain of inhuman regulations. As such, Catholic INC needed to demonize him and any other deity who stood in direct defiance to the product of “salvation” they sought to corner the market with.

Pan is the embodiment of freedom and the celebration of life. His goatish lower body is your connection to the wonders of this world. It connects you to the fruits and herbs of the land, the ability to travel where you would like to go and dance to the beat of your own drum. The horns on his head are your ability to defend yourself and your chosen way of life.

Dancers around the world are known collectively for one thing; they all have great legs. They spring, leap, squat and twirl. Great dancers do it with such poise. They make it look effortless, but in truth, it is the result of long, hard, and grueling practice.

Pan as LORD of the dance has the best legs around. They are as graceful as a deer’s but robust and sturdy as a bull’s and so full of vigor, it saturates his audience.

I find the link between legs and hormones not at all surprising. Lower body training stimulates the release of testosterone. Testosterone is vital for muscular growth, increased bone density, strong tendons, thick ligaments, emotional stability, sexual function, and overall health of the body.

Heavy leg training increases lung capacity. Increases oxygen intake and usage, enhancing blood circulation and improves protein intake and assimilation, causing a higher caloric burn. Focused leg training creates a sense of “fight or flight” inside the body. You are
conditioning yourself to endure and think critically under both physical strain and mental duress.

Leg training is painful and generally all over uncomfortable. It develops a hard spiritual will in those who stick with it. Because all cowardice is based on fear of fatigue, heavy leg training improves your cardiovascular abilities and therefore gives you courage. The courage to fight against the encroachments of your freedoms and liberties with the leg strength to stomp tyrant’s skull in, after dancing circles around them.

Dictators prefer your body to be soft, limp, and weak of mind and will. This keeps you dependent on them. Your diminished condition ensures you suffer continued indignities and all under the guise of providing for you. The “Nanny” state to “serve and protect you” slithers its tentacles into your home, work, health, school, and family. Little by little at first and then one day, you will be entirely at
its mercy. No longer will the state serve you. You are now a slave to it. A fat, weak, and fearful slave. The chains of your indenturing too cumbersome to resist.

Pan can never be chained or hunted down. His legs too powerful, his sexual drive too strong and his mind too quick. Pan asks that you love liberty and see the link between sexuality and health. He wants you to protect your freedom of speech, and never surrender the right to defend yourself. Pan encourages you to stop living in fear. To quit feeling guilty about what is only human nature. Lastly, never accept that someone, other than you, could own you or decide what is best for you.

Pan says that he grows tired of tyranny’s song and is ready to celebrate the liberation of all humanity.

-Kevin Wikse

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