Digital Art Work: Pwetro Loa Voodu

***The artwork I display here is uniquely mine and explicitly my creation. Unless permission is given, I do not authorize the use of my artwork. Like my writing and other projects, my artwork is based on real-life experiences, often fantastical. Expressing them in this medium helps me to clarify and make sense of their reason and meaning.

-Kevin Wikse

Collection: Pwetro Loa Voodu

My “Pwetro Loa Voodu” collection comes direct from my proximity to the Pwetro Rites of Haitian Voudou. The Makaya Society, in particular. The Pwetro Loa or Spirits of fire, impulse, rebellion, and bestial instinct whose progenitor was cosmic rage. The Pwetro Loa came screaming to earth in a male storm of blood and searing hot anger. From the charred earth found within their crash sites and in their footsteps, fresh new life has sprung up in the way of renewal and revitalization. 

The Pwetro Loa are as dangerous as they are beautiful. They are nature personified. Demanding and deserving of respect, the Pwetro Loa punish missteps just as the viper bites whoever treads too close without proper knowledge. Beware the thorns as you reach to pluck the rose. 

-Kevin Wike

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