David Paulides Missing 411: The Human Ant Farm.


*An open letter to David Paulides from Missing 411 http://www.canammissing.com concerning potentially highly pertinent information. Due to the high volume of e-mail David Paulides receives I make this post publically available for its content and any usable information others may glean.

Mr. Paulides,

I write to you concerning statements made by an individual loosely affiliated with a collective, or think-thank of which I am a part. I believe this information may be of interest to you for the reasons of implication and context. The person I was speaking with lives and works in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They work in the field of “unconventional” science.

The individual spoke about an idea which seemed to gain traction in the Pentagon circa the late 1950s or early 60s but seemed to be hushed up. The idea was the creation of a “Human Ant Farm,” a collection of people fitting various psychological and physiological requirements and roles by the numbers and not chosen specifically, rather opportunistically. These people would not know they were recruited and would not receive any advanced notice of deployment.

The idea is these people are abducted and brought to a specific area. They are left to build and or colonize. The traumatic experience and mysterious nature of their collective experience would bind them together, and leadership and support roles both form and strengthen quickly. The areas in question would often be hostile, and survival depended on preforming the task and adapting to hierarchical roles. The Human Ant Farm may or may not face complete extermination upon completion of the job.

I asked why civilians. The answer was if it was military personnel deployed, the operation becomes military in the eyes or whoever discovers it and not a scientific one.

I often ponder this individual’s statements in regards to the people who most often go missing within the context of Missing 411. Could they have been collected for a Human Ant Farm with secret technologies like a man-catching drone (OPERATION BARN OWL) or a bio-engineered hunting cyborg (OPERATION RED STALKER)? Ants build colonies, and Human Ant Farms might be used to construct colonies on Mars or even the Moon. Add CERN into the equation, and Human Ant Farms sent to colonize interdimensional locations suddenly becomes an option.

If you were going to target men of mostly German ancestor, and high IQs, with a leaning towards engineering, building infrastructure like worker ants isn’t a bad idea. It is something to consider.

Thank you Sir,

-Kevin Wikse


69271007_373426700011221_5985461931169808384_nKevin Wikse or Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudu and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular.

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