Cryptids: Mothman tracking on the Realm of Shadow with PSALM 23.

*This is a project I work on with my spiritual Temple. However, the importance of this protocol is enough to cause me to share it with the world in the names of Faith, Hope, and Charity.  

Hope, Faith and Charity

A topic I have touched on before but one which bears reiteration and better explanation in the Shadow World, or as it is called the La del Sombra Mundo, meaning “the world’s shade” or “shade cast by the world.” A spiritus loci that is equal parts intriguing, mysterious and dangerous. Within the metaphysical structure of the Tree of Life or Universal Kaballah, the Shadow Realm is known as the “Blackest Earth.” The muted colors of citrine, olive, brown, and black represent the blended elemental qualities of Malkuth, the tenth spherioth or the material plane being so far away from the source of creation and light of Kether, the first spherioth. 


The nine spherioth above Malkuth (which includes Kether) are emanations or projections of both light and sound. It is not until we hit the densified backdrop of combined elemental materialism that Malkuth is comprised that these emanations of light and sound have a projection screen to reflect upon. Like a movie projector, unless there is a background to project its beam onto, there is no movie. When sound-infused light touched the material world in that movement, the first true shadow was born—the shade cast by the world. 

Keeping with the metaphysical structure of the Kabbalah, the Shadow Realm is the first step out of manifestation and into de-manifestation. Blackest Earth because you are where creation’s light does not touch, but still as close to the earth realm as you can be without being on the material plane. The first trespass into the Qilopth, or Shadow (shadow cast by the Tree of Life). This realm and its denizens play a pivotal role in the religious foundation of Palo Mayombe, or Kimbisa, Monte, and Briumba. The exceedingly rare Black Lodges of Solomonic Magic (of which my Temple maintains the White, Red, and Black lodge mysteries). The Petro and Ghede rites of Voudou (I inherited this through the Makaya Society of which I am a member). Finally, Obeah and Kimbanda, to which I have been introduced and recognized. 

My decades of occult involvement and practice lead me to believe that Real-Time Projections (RTP), a form of Out of Body Experience (OBE), occur within a plane of consciousness closer to the Shadow Realm than the Astral Realm. Here in La de Sombra Mundo, we see the world we knew in a constant state of breakdown. Unlike in the Astral Realm, we view the world we will know in a continual state of formulation. This is a crucial distinction to make. The Astral World shows the material world has it will be or could be. Astral magic is about molding the incoming world to fit your desire. The Shadow World is the world the way it was and how it unravels. 

The denizens of the Shadow Realm, the non-physical entities who reside in this particular plane of consciousness, are typically indifferent and predatory towards the manifested, especially to the flesh and blood living. Not surprisingly, here is where the Shadow people dwell, including the so-called “Hat Man.” The Exus of Kimbanda, or their legion of cohorts, are often the “Hat Man,” that is all I am allowed to say concerning the matter. The mysteries of Vampirism and Necromancy are anchored here too. With my initiations into Palo, Voudou, Solomonic Magic, and spiritual license to work in Kimbanda, I do the lion’s share of spiritual development and sharpening with the Shadow World as my whetstone. 

My best spiritual mentors have all rightly described the denizens of La Sombra Mundo as the cockroaches, silverfish, maggots, and ants of the multiverse. Not only in their nature but in appearances. Other names include Larave and Lemurares. Include in this list some earthbound dead. The population of shadow beings comprises both former human and non-human non-physical intelligence. They spend most of their time scurrying around in the darkness, eating away at the de-manifesting material world and helping to devour the passage of linear time. 

Exu Capa Preta

A body of high-level esoteric work has been presented to me. I have been roaming the Shadow World or the La Sombra del Mundo for the past several weeks. These sojourns have been in the company of either my Nfumbe (Palo), Ghede Spider (Voudu), or an Exu from my Kimbanda court, primarily Exu Capa Preta (Black Cape) and Exu Morcego, also known as Exu Bat.

Through the process of Real-Time Projection (RTP), my primary purpose was to investigate where mass gatherings of shadow beings are occurring and who or what are their focus. I was looking for signs suggesting something had been set into motion. I know the denizens of the Shadow World are attracted to disasters and catastrophes. These beings are attracted to hospitals, graveyards, prisons, battlefields, etc. In particular, the loss of human life, quick or slow, is where they derive most of their energy. They are like the universe’s cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and maggots. They eat the energy seeping out of the sick, dead, rotten, and decaying. They serve a vital role in the function of the greater universe and even in the passage of time itself. However, they are naturally antithetical to life and generally belligerent and hostile.

It is perilous to traverse the Shadow World, and never should you enter for curiosity’s sake. Always have a purpose and a guide for this type of energetic grade. The Ghede of the Ghede Division of Vodou resides in a specific locality within the Shadow World. They are excellent guides here and know the terrain well. Ghede Spider is a powerful ally. His work is to devour excess shadow entities and lesser astral demons who skulk on the La del Sombra Mundo. Beelzebub is often depicted as a giant feral-looking fly. Demons are often shown as maggots, larvae, flies, or other incests. Ghede Spider weaves a web. He catches them, wraps them up, and drains them dry. 

He is a friend like no other.

My Nfumbe is Palo-specific, and I can say little else about that.

 Regarding Exus, they are troublesome to work with without a license. I was read into Kimbnda, and my Exu and Pomba Gira court discovered.

They told me, “you will have more devils around you willing to help rake the filth off humanity than you can shake a pitchfork at.”

I was given the license to work my Kimbanda court without initiation in return for giving my life to fighting evils that most could never accept existed. My Exus are the Vampires, Wizards, Curanderos, Voudou Priests, Paleros, and masters of the Kingdom of the Cemetery and the Kingdom of Souls. 

They help connect all my traditions. 

Putting my “wherever Mothman is, so too is the possible location of a terrible event” theory into practice, one of my Exus revealed esoteric work to benefit the world. Upon hearing it, I realized just how timely this was. There could be a sense of urgency here. 


I have an unhealthy fascination with Mothman. I believe it is a semi-physical creature who resides primarily in the Shadow World and can visit our Material Plane. I believe Mothman is a scout of sorts, marking where a tragedy resulting in high casualties is about to take place. I cite the example of Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, and the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Shadow entities then congregate where Mothman sits down in anticipation.

As I have said before, 2022 will be a bad year. 

*As an aside, I was recently warned by the Oriental Commission of spirits that “The Tiger will come back to devour the Rabbit.” I believe they reference years. The Tiger was 2022 (COVID-19 Pandemic), and the Rabbit will be 2023. Based on my highly-accurate prior predictions, I think the next bio-weapon release and potential Chinese military assault against the United States will happen in 2023. 

The movements on the Shadow World reveal massive assemblies of shadow entities around the United States. Everyone’s personal shadow entity has also become hungrier. I believe many are eating the natural seepage of lifeforce at a faster, more ravenous pace. Mass premature mental declines and physical and spiritual breakdowns will likely result. I have my hypotheses on why this might be. The vaccine is one. The other is speeding up the earth’s rotation by CERN.  

Exu Morcego

This Exu suggested a Candle Vigil. Giving light to yourself, your good spirits, and the excess to your personal shadow entity to significantly reduce their feeding on your life energy. We cannot stop time. Aging and loss of lifeforce are natural. However, we can and should activate our good spirits while feeding the ever-hungry shadow, so it needs a nibble, not a feast. This vigil will provide us with a greater wealth of energy, better protection against illness and poverty, and circumvent calamity.

I see a mirror image correlation between the inflation hike in the economy and the increased ferocity in which shadow entities are now feeding.

Start with a complete Seven Day Candle Vigil. After the seven days, you would be best served to perform a 3 day Candle vigil at least once a month.

You will say the Prayer of the Candle to sanctify its light, increasing its energy and availability to serve as the activating and sustaining force. Second, you will offer Psalm 23, stating the light of God is with you even as you walk in the valley of the shadow of death. Your cup will overrun, and you will not be sucked dry. You need one white candle. Glass encased candle is preferred.

Prayer for the Candle

Great power of God. With your light illuminating all things around and ahead of me, I will overcome all my obstacles. Allow the good spirits of light to come to me and keep away from me all that is evil. God, I ask this in your name and power, in which I trust. Make light shine for all who wish good upon me.


Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

-Kevin Wikse

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