Carter Lake: The Missing

Carter Lake: The Missing


According to the research of David Paulide’s Missing 411 organization, Crater Lake National Park in Oregon houses the second largest of missing people from National Parks in the United States, seconded by Yosemite National Park in California. The National Park Service has not been forthcoming with numbers regarding people who have gone missing in their parks. Using David’s research as a guide, I struck out on my own and began running his numbers to see if I could substantiate them.

The state of Oregon has the highest number of open missing person cases, in particular, children, in the lower 48, followed by Arizona. These facts add further creditability to David’s findings concerning Carter Lake National Park. An open missing person case means little to no trace of the individual has been found, not a body or majority remains. The person has effectively vanished and often in the case of Nation Parks, the missing person receives of the label of “missing presumed dead.”

People do not just disappear (there are the exceptions, but that is not the rule). We have bodies and thus remains. We leave tracks, leave blood and scent trails. When a person vanishes with little or no trace, this generally indicates foul play, with the very minor exception of voluntary or purposeful disappearance. So what exactly is happening in Oregon that people are vanishing in these numbers?

Animal attacks? Maybe, but animal attacks are messy.  Blood, bones, skin, and latter remains in animal defecation are routinely discovered. Are people merely getting lost in the woods? Again, maybe, however, people lost in the woods are almost always found within a few days and usually alive. An open missing person case means no corpse discovered — no indication if the person is dead, alive, or how or why the individual is missing. Nothing to close the case, so it stays “open.”

The work of serial killers? Once more, maybe, but that would mean Oregon is home to the most successful and long-lived serial killer (or killers) in American history. If it is a serial killer or killers, they need to be brought to justice. Why then hasn’t the Federal Government, or the state of Oregon, launched a full-scale investigation into this, or even just Crate Lake National Park?

Crater Lake has a dangerous paranormal legacy stretching back thousands of years. Both Klamath and Modoc tribal traditions cite Crater Lake as a battleground where two Gods violently clashed. Tribal lore states Crater Lake is a two-way portal or mirror. Anyone swimming to the bottom of Crater Lake would surface into another world. Both the Klamath and Modoc peoples warn of monsters which live in, near, and under the lake.

Wizard Island stands in the middle of Crater Lake.  According to tribal lore, people have been carried away on the wind, or powerfully compelled to swim, to Wizard Island. They are never seen again. The Klamath and Modoc people claim they see strange unknown creatures lurking on the island, or find them washed up on the shore. These creatures look like a mash-up of multiple known animals and have included human-animal hybrids.

People still go missing at Crater Lake National Park. My colleagues and I think these people are disappearing in the same way tribesmen of the Klamath and Modoc did.

Crater Lake is suspected to be the deepest lake in North America, and it’s depths at present are mostly unexplored. Free roaming paranormal or extra-dimensional entities as well as genetic experimentation on Wizard Island, are not dissimilar to the stories of Plum Island, New York. Crater Lake is the result of a volcanic eruption. There is no telling where all those lava tubes potentially lead too.

Its high time someone did more than just report on Crater Lake National Park. A camera crew needs to spend a couple of weeks exploring Crater Lake, conducting physical along with paranormal and occult-based research at the lake and on Wizard Island while documenting the findings.

I feel I could get up to the task. Interested? Let me know.

-Kevin Wikse


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