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Hero’s Journey: Sword from the Stone


My book series is the first of it’s kind. A unique new genre which merges strength training with mythology and interpersonal transformation!

Throughout the ages, grand tales have been spun of heroic men and women who struggle against all the odds to conquer twisted creatures of the noonday wood and delusive shadows in the pitch of the night. Heroes always emerge victorious from their perilous journeys and are hailed for their kind deeds. Heeding a call, heroes of legend step forth from a mundane world to seek greatness.

Now it is YOUR turn to venture forth upon a path less traveled. You are about to cast yourself in the lead role of the most excellent story you have yet known; the story of your Heroic Evolution…your HERO’S JOURNEY.

Each Hero’s Journey book adheres to the following three conditions.

1. Victory.

The attainment of a well defined but highly challenging goal, or feat, to signify personal mastery. Each feat is well above and beyond the current capability of the global majority.

2. Process.

A truly comprehensive, step-by-step road map, and program to attain victory.

3. Implement.

The device through which you shall test and build yourself will always be sturdy, high quality and inexpensive (I am about helping the common man or woman reach elite levels, not about further empowering the elite).

The first of the Hero’s Journey series, “Hero’s Journey: The Sword from the Stone,” follows the tale of King Arthur, and his pulling Excalibur from the stone to be King.

The Sword from the Stone’s ultimate feat is a one-handed overhead press with a 150 LB dumbbell (beginning from a 10 LB dumbbell). Victory has already been achieved by readers, both male and female. If I could do it and they could do it, you can too!

Are you ready to pull the sword from the stone and become King or Queen of your life?

If so, your Hero’s Journey begins here.

-Kevin Wikse

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