Antartica: radio bursts and rumblings

Antartica: radio bursts and rumblings

In the rather frank discussion I had with my contacts tonight, I was asked to make public the following information and request others share it too. A gigantic armada of extraterrestrial ships is acting as an advance guard for a planetoid-sized mothership/homeworld, which is scheduled to pass by earth in 2030. This mothership is home to an extremely advanced race of builders and bioengineers who maintain a xenophobic existence apart from other races. These beings are potentially who the ancient Sumerians titled the Annunaki. If they are the Annunaki, they consider themselves our creators, the genetic engineers of Homo sapiens sapiens. Their advanced guard scouts out years ahead of its mothership, however, they have the technology to return back almost instantaneously. I am told this race has proven it wise not to provoke them, and generally (but not always) other races offer them a wide berth.

If they are the famed Annunaki, their advance guard will visit earth and collect our scheduled tribute of gold before heading out to the next tribute collection on their  3000+ year orbit. I and my colleagues speculate the “cash for gold” television commercial satirization was a planned buy up spearheaded by the most powerful families on earth to help collect the full tribute. The deal is simple, pony up the gold every couple of thousand years, and the Annunaki allow you to reign in their stead.

These beings do not typically stay long. This time, however, because 2030 is childhood’s end for humanity, my contacts suggest that some of the Annunaki might stay behind. This is in addition to the numerous other races who will begin openly interacting with the earth and colonize here. The other extra-terrestrial races will come after, following in the wake of the Annunaki mothership/homeworld. Due to the mind-boggling size and energy output of the advanced guard and the mothership, ancient alien probes, and observation stations have begun detecting their presence. In response, these ancient alarm systems initiated broadcasting radio signals, to “whoever it may concern”, and starting in 2015 our earth received a lot of chatter.

The Solar Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico is rumored to have received the clearest signal and presence of a  language. The town was placed under temporary martial law while the FBI bullied residents into signing non-disclosure forms, using the usual banal threats of violence, and erased every last sound-byte off the Solar Observatory’s computers.

From 2016 to the present, both radio bursts and physical rumblings have been detected originating from under the ice in Antartica. I was privately asked to remote view this phenomenon in 2017 as a way to test my legitimacy. I saw a diesel truck of tremendous size encased in ice. Its engine suddenly fires up, and all its lights go on. The diesel truck idles as the engine warms, and slowly the ice begins to melt away. The meaning was clear to me. A power source, or maybe even sources, long dormant under the ice has come back online and is melting away the ice.

In September 2018, high-energy particle beams where detected shooting out of Antartica into the sky near the South Pole. In my remote viewing, I was shown a very muscular Native American man. He had with him three or four heavy steel arrows with lots of writing on them. The man drew back on a big and mighty bow, releasing the steel arrows high into the air into outer space. The high energy particle beams contain massive encoded messages. They are able to carry these messages over vast distance extremely quickly, avoiding both interception and corruption of the message. I was shown a sizable black pyramid under the ice and inside was something like a supercomputer, calculating trajectories and firing the high energy particle beams.

My contacts believe the situation in Antartica is a direct response to incoming radio signals from extra-terrestrials. The land mass of Antartica is being re-terraformed back into the aboral paradise it likely once was. We believe Antartica was purposely transformed into a barren frozen wasteland to deter visitation, preserve ancient DNA (like cold storage) and provide cover for either a breakaway or stay behind civilization. These machines and warming up, generating energy and re-preparing the continent for incoming visitors, or maybe a homecoming. It is this and not the myth of Global Warming which is causing the ice sheet to melt. In the next four to five years, we will see primeval forests and potentially unknown or thought extinct animals appear like spontaneous speciation in West Antartica.

-Kevin Wikse

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